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Structural Design

Structural Design and analysis according to AISC and international codes.

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Realistic results with the latest CAE/FE tools.

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Machine Design

From metal rolling machines to bean crusher design, all worked


We pride in providing top quality results to engineering probelms in either Product design industry or Structural design and analysis or either heavy machinery design and manufacturing units.


For your drafting and initial Design solutions. Excellent work in 2D and 3D CAD packages.

Machine Design

From vibratory transportation method to a simple household appliance. Complete design from basic concept to prototyping.

Computational analysis

Be it a static structural analysis or complex CFD problem, we use latest CAE tools to find high quality results in computational physics problems.

Plant design

Static Plant equipment design and analyis using international standards and ASME codes.

Online Support

Always available on the Skype, or just write an email. We will correspond as soon as we get your message.

We Value the Quality First

Please don't hire us if you are expecting any less quality results, Because we wont provide anything except high quality results, Drawings and high conforming Equipment design.



From Product design to Plant and equipment design.

About Us

So the Journey started from a group of engineers having same thoughts on providing high quality engineering services at the very ease of clients with a reachable approach. Since its creation in Jan 2013 DesignHyper has succesfuly completed several projects including engineering design, product design, Strength and life analysis of structures and plant equipment as well as the analysis of consumer projects. Have an idea? Why keep it hidden and locked away?

Our Team

Meet the talet

behind success of Designhyper. Highly competent, certified and accredited professionals from all around the world.

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